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This is the photo site of the Tuttle-Haff family. You're probably here because you got a link from us, or maybe a friend of ours. For now the whole site is open. "Family" generally just contains images that would be of interest to, well, family. However, any category may have pictures of you. Just explore, or if you just want to get right to it you can type in your last name in the search box above. We tend to add last names and names of locations to the keywords, but there is no garantee.

Once you are browsing a gallery (album) the most useful way to look at them is by using the "style" of "Elegant" or "Slideshow" (upper right menu). Feel free to add you own comments to slides or galleries. Click on http://www.smugmug.com/help/">"Help" above if you want more pointers. If you'd like to add some pictures please let one of us know.

All images are available in full resolution if you want to print some yourself. Just look towards the bottom of the page. Also at the bottom you'll find a shopping cart where you can order professional prints, t-shirts, photopuzzles, http://www.smugmug.com/prints/catalog.mg">all kinds of novelty stuff. Smugmug has some really excellent tools for http://www.smugmug.com/help/photo-websites">color correcting, cropping, etc. and they do a rediculously good job with http://www.smugmug.com/help/print-color">printing. They also have pointers for http://www.smugmug.com/help/digital-photo-printing">printing it yourself.

We just signed up with this service recently after looking arould a lot. We chose it because it allows unlimited uploads, stores the originals, allows MPEG movies, has good access controls so we could limit who can see what, it also allows us to set up groups that we can share images with. With all that it's reasonably priced, once you realize that none of the free sites has the features that we wanted. If you like it use http://www.smugmug.com/?referrer=6BrcAaDeuVbtT">this link and you'll get $5 off (Referral code: 6BrcAaDeuVbtT).

CHAX (Chris, Hilary, Alina & Xavi)